I have no idea what i'm doing..

So i'm 16, and spend a significant amount of time of my life scrolling through pictures, so i might aswell share.

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Just watched the most recent episode of adventure time called ‘food chain’. I think it is reasonable to assume the creators have moved onto some harder drugs since the last episode.

Why on earth do i have 174 followers?! I do not deserve this :L I like post once every 4 months! thanks anyway though

Any of you fitblr’s out there know anything about the interval fasting diet? i am considering giving it a shot.

Anonymous said: So that gif you made that's got like 120K+ notes about there not being a friend zone is really fucking stupid because there clearly is such thing as the friend zone. Dumbass.

yeah that got crazy popular didn’t it :L well there might be for you, but to be honest all these names and terms are all subjective and mealiness in the end, so not worth calling people dumbass over. i assume you got some relationship issues though :/ hope it works out for both of you.

Anonymous said: I feel like you and I would be like the best friends that sit on the couch all day and eat pizza and watch movies together and then go out and get drunk and crash at each others places all the time because we don't want to go home, but not romantically, you know? I dont know, maybe I'm just creepy and weird. :P

sorry I haven’t been on tumblr for months. no no that sounds like amazing actually :P but i assume by the use of the word couch that you are across an ocean :/

Anonymous said: I love how pathetic you are sometimes.

oof i haven’t been on tumblr for ages. I am impressed of your ability to judge character so well based of images I post. but well done you

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